Friday, October 19, 2012

Use Your Stash: Chalk

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You should be coming from Wendy Pins-a-lot Kessler's blog.

OK, so my chalk collection was at the Barnhouse, and today while at True Scrap 4, Gretchen Schmidt aka OMG, taught a class on Stretch Your Sketch.

I tossed this together using Sketch #2, using the new Chalk Pen from Close To My Heart.

Rub pen on finger then on chalk paper to smudge

mimicing the stitch lines on those clouds with the chalk pen
Now, Hop on over to Tabbi's blog and see her Chalking Wonders.
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  1. The pen is really cool. Love the layout :)

  2. Hi, I got nominated for a Liebster Award. To pass it along, I have to nominate 5 fellow bloggers-- you are one of them! Congrats. Just give me an hour to put it on my blog. Thanks, Maureen


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